5 year old still wets his bed

Q: My five- year old son still wets his bed at night. He is doing great during the day, but the problem is when he is sleeping at night. He is a deep sleeper. He is very well and there is no psychological problems. Please help

A: Most bedwetters don’t suffer from any medical or psychological condition that can be pointed to as the trigger to their bedwetting. In a large proportion of cases it is hereditary and deep sleep is in fact one of the most often shared characteristics: Parents describe their attempts to wake up their bedwetting child for a trip to the toilet as “dragging a sack of potatoes.”

In regular pediatric development we expect a child to outgrow bedwetting spontaneously between the ages 2 – 4. If a child passes age 5 and the bedwetting is only at night, most cases will easily and safely resolve through a behavioral- cognitive intervention combined with an alarm system.


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