Bedwetting and medication

Q: My son is 11 yrs old and is now taking medication (DDAVP) to try to help with the bedwetting and it isn’t working. He wets the bed every night. There is not a night he doesn’t wet the bed. Would love to hear if you might be able to help us.

A: There have not been any new developments in pharmacology for bedwetting since the early eighties when the latest drug was developed. The drug you mentioned, Desmopressin Acetate (marketed as DDAVP) is an anti-diuretic hormone that is most commonly prescribed for enuresis.

Desmopressin works by limiting the amount of water that is eliminated in the urine.

When medication does work, easy administration and initial observable progress are advantages, however there are disadvantages. In most cases, as soon as you stop the drug usage, you may expect a relapse. 

Usually medication is not recommended until a traditional program has failed. Using an alarm system combined with therapeutic techniques can be combined with medication, but is preferable to try on its own and has a much higher and more permanent success rate. Medication might have a place for temporary measures such as travel or sleepovers, but for most it is not a long term solution as it does not address the roots of the problem, but the symptom.

We certainly recommend that you try Bedwetting TheraPee systems especially if the medication has not worked and you have not had success with other solutions. We are happy to help with any questions you have along the way. Over 90% of clients are successful with Bedwetting TheraPee and we are confident your son will be as well.


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