The Beginnings of TheraPee

The Sagie Family has an experience shared by millions of families all over the world: Successive generations of children suffered from night-time bedwetting past the age of normal toilet training and the stress, shame, and frustration that accompanies this common issue. The multi-generational dimension of bedwetting is quite typical and in this case created sympathy and a motivation to do more. Luckily for this family, Patriarch Dr. Jacob Sagie is a renowned family psychotherapist and researcher who put his knowledge to the task and dedicated his professional life to helping children and young adults heal from their bedwetting condition.


Dr. Sagie has, among other accomplishments, started and led the Enuresis clinic at Schneider hospital, the largest Children’s hospital in Israel as well as established the first enuresis clinic in China at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. He is active in conferences and academic study continues to provide lectures and interviews on television, radio, and other media throughout the world.
With over thirty years of published research and treatment under his belt, Dr. Sagie developed a product and a therapeutic system which worked for his family, and now has worked for tens of thousands of others! Bedwetting TheraPee is a family business, owned and run by Dr. Sagie and his son, Tal Sagie. Both men are fathers who have first-hand experience with bedwetting and a passion to share their healing journey. Since 1984, Bedwetting TheraPee has supported over 30,000 happy clients (and counting!) with their knowledge and compassion and most importantly, a product that truly works.  

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